Raw Materials PRICELIST

Raw Materials In Perfume Making

Fragrance Oils

30ml - P149
60ml- P289
120ml- P499

Perfume Grade Alcohol

30ml- P85
1 liter- P800

120ml- P60

Perfume Bottles and Packaging

2ml, use for samplers P5.00
with content- P10.00

5ml frosted bottle P13.00

10ml frosted bottle P16.00

12ml ring bottle P25.00

20ml pet bottle - P12.00

50ml pet bottle - P12.00

50ml frosted bottle- P24.00
box- P6.00

85ml frosted bottle - P26.00
box- P7.00

10ml plastic spray P11.00

30ml colored frosted bottle - P23.00
30ml box- P5.00
100ml colored frosted bottle - P24.00
100ml box - P5.00

30ml Men's Perfume Bottle - P35
30ml box- P5.00
50ml Men's Perfume Bottle - P37
50ml box- P5.00

30ml thin bottle- P35.00

35ml - P35.00, available in pink and silver

12ml aluminized bottle P16.00

30ml Jessie Bottle for Men - P35.00

30ml Women's Perfume Bottle - P35.00
30ml box- P5.00
Also available: 50ml- P37.00
50ml box - P5.00

perfume pen- P16.00